Welcome to Debbie does Beads!

Thanks for checking out my site.

I have been making glass beads, otherwise known as "lampwork" beads, since September 2003.

As yet have not found my actual "niche", …so I play.

I use mainly Effetre (Moretti), Vetrofond, and Double Helix glasses in my beads.  I do also have stashes of Lauscha, CiM, Gaffer, Reichenbach, Spectrum, System 96, Uroboros and Bullseye in my glass cabinet, so occasionally you may find beads on here made from some of these glasses.   (Not all in the same bead of course…)

The measurements you see on my beads are taken hole to hole (length of bead), then width (at widest point of bead).  In the case of a pressed bead, the third measurement is the thickness of the bead.

All of my beads are properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln and thoroughly cleaned before being sent out into the world.

If any of my work strikes your fancy, please feel free to email me at deb@debbiedoesbeads.com

Payment can be made by either Direct Deposit or PayPal.  (PayPal only for International orders.)

Australian Post has increased their charges, so from April 4, 2011, standard post within Australia in a Size 0 postpak will cost $5.75.

Registered/express post and items over 500g will be extra.

Please note the following:

Some monitors may show colours differently to the actual bead.  I try to describe the colours as precisely as possible.

Most of my beads are OOAK (one of a kind).  SOME beads I can recreate, some I cannot, so if you ask me to recreate something for you, I will know straight away if I will be able to do it or not.   Each batch of glass that comes out may vary in colour or reactive state, so in the case of organic beads especially, there are no guarantees that I can recreate those for you.  If you find one on my site that you like, then buy it, because it may be the only one I ever make…

Deborah Lewis, PO Box 309 Maryborough QLD. 4650, Australia
ABN: 58 687 596 266  E-mail:   Web: www.debbiedoesbeads.com