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DSC00996 - Stalls.JPG
And more stands...277 viewsThis shot was taken half way down between Jill Oxtons and the far wall.

To those of you who didn't get there, but really wanted to, what can I say?? You should be kicking yourself... or at least giving yourself a severe talking to so that it doesn't happen again. lol

If what I hear is correct, then there will be 3 similar shows next year. Melbourne in May, Brisbane in June & Sydney in Oct. Woo Hoo!!!
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SOLD496 views33333
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666 views33333
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DSC01015 - Dianne, Helen & Anita.JPG
Dianne, Helen & Anita350 viewsAdmiring some of Denise's gorgeous beads.33333
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DSC01004 - Beautiful Beading by Kerry.JPG
One of Kerry's gorgeous pieces.338 viewsThis one incorporated seed beads & lampwork beads.33333
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DSC00985 - Closeup of Bead by Bryan Kitson.JPG
A closeup of Bryans' bead.527 views33333
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DSC00984 - Bead by Bryan Kitson - KB Glassworks.JPG
Bead by Bryan Kitson of KB Glassworks687 viewsAn amazing lampwork bead containing a piece of opal.

You can check out more of Bryans work at
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Finished Blue Coiled Bangle.jpg
Blue Coiled Bangle - Eni Oken style wire wrapped bangle.873 viewsLapis Lazuli, my lampwork beads, Dumortierite, Bali beads, Sterling Silver beads, Green Aventurine. This one was constructed with craft wire as it was a learning experience, but the rest of them will be all Sterling Silver.8 comments33333
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DSC00971 - Cathy at Chockadoo Stall.JPG
Cathy at Chockadoo Stand416 views33333
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Lampwork Bead by Carol Marando.jpg
A Unique Lampwork Bead by Carol Marando480 views1 comments33333
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Dsc03810 Cylah holding Halle~1.jpg
Cylah holding her new little sister Halle Jae.261 views22222
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DSC00978 - Anne & Bev.JPG
Anne & Bev's Stand350 views22222
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DSC01010 - Beaders Dinner.JPG
Beaders Dinner on Sunday night282 viewsYes Cathy, I'm putting this picture in anyway, even though you were being silly. lol

Thanks to Nancy for organising this dinner and for finding a restaurant who was happy to open just for us. They served the most delightful food too. Just ask Anne who ate and drank everything that she normally wouldn't. Meat, eggs, milk etc, etc... She was a very naughty girl, but oh so much fun... ;-)
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DSC00989 - Bead by Kim Wertz.JPG
Bead by Kim Wertz.433

This is the one I wanted to buy...
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Some of Annes Furnace Beads.jpg
Some of Anne's Furnace Beads332 views22222
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DSC00994 - Stalls.JPG
Various stands296 viewsThis was taken mid way from the other side. Lots of stands full of goodies hey...22222
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DSC00982 - Various Stalls.JPG
Various stalls282 viewsThis picture was taken from Jill Oxtons Cross Stitch stand near the back wall.22222
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DSC01002 - Beaders on the Loose stall.JPG
Beaders On The Loose stand410 viewsSpecial thanks to Kerry for the following information:
Beaders On The Loose was made up of Kerry Harper - Tassel Maker/Off Loom Bead Weaver/Lampworker; Alida de Carlo - Beaded & Jewelled Eggs/Stg Silver Link Chains; and 5 teachers: Jane Tyson - Beadwork; Sandy Balanecki - Spiral Rope Chain class; Valma Spencer-Sun - Beading/Stg Silver Link Chains, Yvonne (Von) Ireland - Beaded Wire Crochet Necklace class; & Wendy Hern (Guru Creations) - Lampwork Beads & Cabochons.

Absolutely fabulous work ladies...
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DSC00983 - Debbie Nishihara.JPG
Debbie Nishihara at her stand.949 viewsDebbie is one of the associate editors for Bead & Button magazine.

Debbie had an astounding collection of beads from big name artists in the US which she made up into gorgeous jewellery pieces.

If only I had taken more money...
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Other side of Purple Floral Lampwork Bead by Kerry Harper.jpg
The other side.340 views11111
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DSC01012 - Beaders Dinner with Cathy.JPG
Beaders Dinner329 viewsWe managed to get everyone in this time.

From left:
Cathy - chockadoo
Denise - DKS Lampwork/Denise
Natalie - Beaded Flower Garden/sambibabe
Anne - Glass Mad/anneq
Dianne - whom I didn't get to properly meet...
Helen - hzee2003
Anita - purpleessence
Debbie Nishihara - Path of Bees
Nancy - Beads of Mist/nklt0
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DSC00980 - Anne & Bev.JPG
Anne & Bev434 viewsIt was hard to tear their eyes away from the 1000 Glass Beads book for this picture, but they managed. Thanks ladies.11111
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Wendy & Barbara at Ozziebuddy stand during Thursdays setup.653 views11111
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'Ocean' 1 - Eni Oken style wire wrapped bangle.332 views11111
(5 votes)
401 views11111
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s beads.jpg
Some of Kathryn's gorgeous lampwork beads546 views11111
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342 views11111
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Perfume Bottle by Richard Clements.jpg
A gorgeous Perfume Bottle created by Richard Clements.246 viewsWith thanks to Wayne (Riverman) for posting a link on the Mirus Beads Forum, I am now the proud owner of a unique Perfume Bottle created by Tasmania's Richard Clements.00000
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Dsc04162 - Anne drinks her tea 3.jpg
302 views00000
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Dsc04167 - Wendy Hatton.jpg
Wendy Hatton.2005 views00000
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Bracelet 800 x 151.jpg
'Ocean' Larger pic. Eni Oken style bangle.250 viewsSterling Silver Wire, Swarovski Crystals, Czech Glass Beads, Sterling Silver Beads, Semi Precious Stones and Chips, my own Lampwork Beads and other various goodies went into the making of this bangle.00000
(6 votes)
'Ocean' 6 - Eni Oken style wire wrapped bangle.255 views00000
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Dsc04170 - Sunday night dinner.jpg
Sunday night dinner at Pier Nine Oyster Bar... Yum...2199 viewsValma, Anita, Wendy, Val - who was on holidays from England - and Deb got together for a final feast after the show.3 comments00000
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Dsc04169 - Gary, Tracy, Wendy B & Kimmy.jpg
Gary, Tracy, Wendy Bergamin & Kimmy G466 views00000
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Dsc04161 - Anne drinks her tea 2.jpg
315 views00000
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Dsc04160 - Anne drinks her tea 1.jpg
Anne takes her tea ...differently.323 views00000
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Dsc04158 - Dancing Bev 2.jpg
Bev assured us that it is good exercise for anyone who has a bad back...318 views00000
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Dsc04157 - Dancing Bev.jpg
And we had another taker for our dancing entertainment...331 views00000
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Dsc04156 - Sandee.jpg
Sandee likes things hot as well...334 views00000
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'Ocean' 5 - Eni Oken style wire wrapped bangle.248 views00000
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Dsc04153 Dancing Wendy 3.jpg
340 views00000
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Dsc04152 - Dancing Wendy 2.jpg
352 views00000
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Dsc04151 - Dancing Wendy.jpg
It's Wendy...383 views00000
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