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Some of Annes Furnace Beads.jpg
Some of Anne's Furnace Beads337 views
Kathryn demoing a hollow bead.jpg
Kathryn demoing a hollow bead378 viewsMy very first glass beadmaking class was with Kathryn Wardill in Brisbane in September/October 2003. I had seen some Lampwork Beads on eBay for the first time about a month or two prior, & although I had just quit my job, when I saw an advertisement for the class on the website of Albion Glass in Brisbane, I signed up. I was only going to do the 5 day beginners class, but ended up staying on & doing the three day advanced class afterwards. My entire final pay went into it, but it was money well spent.
s beads.jpg
Some of Kathryn's gorgeous lampwork beads552 views
Dsc04554 - Original woven bracelet and new one.jpg
The original bracelet and the latest.283 viewsBracelets created from my own Lampwork Beads, Swarovski and Seed Beads.
Dsc04566 - 2005 Valentines Exchange bracelet.jpg
My 2005 Mirus Beads Valentines Exchange Bracelet208 viewsI have been on a roll lately. I spent a couple of hours this morning finishing off this bracelet. It contains some of the beads I received in the Valentines Exchange and I included some of my beads that were left over from the 80 odd that I made... The faces, the heart, the cylindrical "Love" and the small square with hearts are mine.
Dsc04712 - Whole Bangle.jpg
'Ocean' - Eni Oken style wire wrapped bangle.375 viewsMy second wire wrapped bangle ala Eni Oken. One of the forums I am a member of was having an Elements challenge with 'Water' as the theme. Being the ocean lover that I am, I immediately thought of making something that would show all the colours of the ocean. I added a couple of my hand made lampwork fish beads as well.2 comments
Bracelet 800 x 151~0.jpg
'Ocean' - Wire wrapped Eni Oken style bangle.171 viewsI created this bangle for a forum challenge but didn't get it completed on time to enter it. It is all Sterling silver wire and beads with a multitude of semi precious, swarovski, czech and glass beads in it. The lampwork beads are mine.
Pink heart pendant with pearl and swarovski dangles - jan 04.jpg
Pendant made in January 2004175 viewsPink heart lampwork bead with crystal pearls and swarovski crystal dangles. Sterling silver wire, beads and spacers.
Belt Dangles Dec 04.jpg
Belt Dangles184 viewsI made these in December 2004. They are a good way to make use of left over or one off Lampwork beads. They incorporate Swarovski Crystals and all the metal is sterling silver.
Dsc04632 With Text.jpg
October 2003 - Beads from 5 day Beginners Beadmaking Class Sept/Oct 03.156 viewsI have just returned home from my first Glass Beadmaking class with the first lampwork beads that I have ever made.... What fun!!! The class was organised through Albion Glass in Brisbane and our teacher was Kathryn Wardill. The beads cover what we learnt during the five days starting from the little slugs on the left...
3 day Advanced Class beads - With text~0.JPG
October 2003 - Beads from 3 day Advanced Beadmaking Class Oct 03.158 viewsA word of warning... Glass Beadmaking is highly addictive...!

I was only going to attend Kathryns beginners class, but once I got the hang of the melting glass and winding it onto mandrels to make pretty beads thing, I just had to sign up for her advanced class... Fortunately, I have a wonderful hubby who didn't mind me spending way more than we had originally planned...

These beads are from the 3 day Advanced class that followed.
Wire Busines Card holder.jpg
Wire Business Card Holder207 viewsI decided that I needed to start making some of the projects out of the Beading/Jewellery magazines that I buy every month. My friend Anita and I are going to do this as a challenge each month. This one was for January 2006. Made with my own lampwork beads and 18 and 20 ga coated wire.1 comments
Ones that didn_t make it.jpg
Beading Forum Bead Swap. Jan-Feb 06126 viewsBeads that didn't make the swap. Sideways Stringer, Disc Bead and Circus Bead on left of picture. The rest are all Fairy Fondue rejects...
Dsc07502 - Periwinkle and Intense Black 650x600.jpg
Periwinkle and Intense Black Lampwork Beads.246 views
Dsc07629 - Group.jpg
Beading Forum Colour of the Month Beads - March 2006 - Periwinkle.129 viewsLampwork Beads made with a mix of Periwinkle, Opal Yellow, Intesnse Black and Rubino Oro.
Pansy Beads227 viewsTwo Lampwork Pansy beads made according to Jan. C's tutorial.
Dsc07832 - Two hearts.jpg
Two Lampwork Heart Beads118 viewsMade on a base of Dark Ivory with Ivory, Copper Green and Opaque Ink Blue twistie.
Dsc07863 - Group of reaction test beads.jpg
Group of reaction test beads.141 viewsLampwork beads made with a base of Moretti #224 Light Sky Blue with various colours to test reactions. The 4 mandrels on the right have a base of Moretti #232 Light Turquoise.
Dsc07918 - Two Ivory & Mosiac Green beads.jpg
Dark Ivory and Mosiac Green Lampwork beads118 views
Household Beadmaking tools.jpg
Household Beadmaking Tools114 viewsSome of the everyday household tools that come in handy when making glass beads.
Beading Forum Colour of the Month Beads - April 2006 - Dark Topaz112 views
Dsc08265 - Floral Coiled Bangle - April 2006.jpg
Floral Coiled Bangle - Eni Oken style wire wrapped bangle.168 viewsAnother coiled bangle. Time consuming and expensive, but I just love making these. They are also great for making use of single lampwork beads. Just find a couple of smaller ones in a matching theme and similar colours, and voila.
Dsc08775 - BE Light Plum Floral Beads.jpg
Beading Forum Colour of the Month Beads - May 2006 - Sage Green/Light Plum.100 viewsBullseye Light Plum (B-1405)
Lampwork beads made with Light Plum, White, hand pulled latticino, hand made vine and stamen cane.
Dsc08803 - Black based multi-coloured florals.jpg
Moretti Florals248 viewsLampwork beads created with: Black base bead rolled in Reichenbach Light Iris Gold frit; encased with Pale Emerald Green; vine cane; multi-coloured flowers covered with a variety of hand pulled latticino cane; hand made stamen cane.
Dsc08828 - Yellow and Blue Hibiscus.jpg
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - April-May 2006 "Inspiration Challenge"110 viewsThis challenge was to make beads to match some fabric.
Dsc09186 - Moretti Yellow 418 Floral.jpg
Beading Forum Colours of the Month Beads - June 2006.76 viewsMoretti: Special Yellow 418 Lampwork Floral
Dsc09191 - BE Gold Purple 0334 Florals.jpg
Beading Forum Colours of the Month Beads - June 2006.62 viewsBullseye: Gold Purple 0334 Lampwork Florals.

All the flowers on these beads have Gold Purple in them.
Dsc09220 - Blue Butterflies.jpg
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - May-Jun 2006. "Fabric & Fantasy"59 viewsBlue Butterflies for Fantasy section. Moretti Ink Blue and Goldstone handmade lampwork beads.
Dsc09179 - Pink & White BE Florals.jpg
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - May-Jun 2006. "Fabric & Fantasy"61 viewsPink and White Florals for Fabric section. Handcrafted lampwork beads made with Bullseye glass.
Dsc09331 Green Fish and snails.jpg
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - Jun-Jul 06. "Own Interpretation"61 viewsThis month's challenge is to make a Focal Bead OR 6 Small Beads OR a Focal and 6 Bead Set using a 2 or more colour twistie on the surface plus any other additives we like.
This lampwork fish and snails set was made just for a bit of fun.
Dsc09351 - Blue Butterfly.jpg
Blue Beaded Butterfly458 viewsThe second butterfly I attempted for my daughter's 18th. More or less the same as the first red one but with couple of Faceted Opalite Briolettes on the lower wings. My own lampwork beads.
Pattern from Vintage Style Beaded Jewellery by Deborah Schneebeli Morrell - page 92.
Dsc09372 - Green and Yellow Butterfly.jpg
Green and Yellow Beaded Butterfly435 viewsOk, I've decided to get a bit creative now. For my third butterfly, I found some pictures and decide to see how close I can get to the real thing. This one is mainly seed beads and a couple of czech beads and my own lampwork beads for bits of the body. This one is wired using florists wire.
Dsc09368 - 18 Butterfly.jpg
"18" Butterfly280 viewsThis one was a bit more of a challenge to make. I should have taken shots of each step as I just made it up as I went along and by the time I got to start on the second wing, well, i had to more or less make that up as I went along as well... Seed beads, cats eye beads and lampwork beads make up this one. Wired again on florists wire. Happy 18th Chrissie. :-)
Florals192 viewsYes, more florals. Did you know that I love floral lampwork beads?? lol All Moretti again.
October 2006181 viewsFinally thought I should start putting my lampwork beads in their appropriate month...
Inspired by Eric Rader.
All Moretti/Effetre glass.
Mirus Christmas Challenge - Oct 27 to Nov 30, 200668 viewsJan's challenge for us this month is to make Christmas beads without using any Red or Green. I used Moretti 052 Light Transparent Blue and Moretti 204 White for this Christmas Star.
Mirus Christmas Challenge - Oct 27 to Nov 30, 200666 viewsJan's challenge for us this month is to make Christmas beads without using any Red or Green.
These Scrollwork lampwork beads are all made with Moretti 204 White and Vetrofond Clear. Clear Dichroic was used in the one on the far right and silver leaf was incorporated in the one at the top left, which turned the bead more golden that silver.
Lampwork Beads made with/using Supernova.187 viewsMoretti 204 white base with Lauscha Supernova stringer and dots. After pressing this bead some of the Supernova stayed purple while the rest went brown...
Lampwork Beads made with/using Supernova.199 viewsOn rechecking I found that these are made on Moretti MP228 Dark Sky Blue actually, so please just ignore that file name...

The one on the left has a twistie of Opal yellow I think, and Supernova with Supernova dots. The stringer and dots on the right one are Supernova.
Lauscha Supernova base and clear stripes - no oxy.268 viewsWanting to see what this colour would do with lots of propane, I covered the holes up on my Hot Head to see what would happen. On looking closely at this bead in the sunlight, all the Supernova has gone brown/kahki, and you can see some blues, green and browns swirling through it. I shall experiment more with this method...
Lampwork Beads made with/using Supernova. Hollow.244 viewsThis is a rather strong colour so I decided part way through making this hollow to put some clear windows in it to allow light through. It is a gorgeous colour and I shall practice making more hollows with it to take advantage of that fact.
Pansy Lampwork Bracelet152 viewsI made these lampwork beads a while ago but only made the jewellery up over the weekend. The one-colour pansies are my design and the ones with yellow are done following Jan C's tutorial.
Pansy Lampwork Bracelet and Necklace set149 viewsThe last remaining Pansy bead as per Jan C's tutorial went towards a matching pendant.
Brown and White Needle Weave Bracelet156 viewsThis one is for my daughter Lou. It was my first attempt at this sort of bracelet, and with no tutorial or instructions apart from how to do the base and "start with smaller beads and gradually work up to larger beads...", well, it was a good way to learn I guess.
My lampwork beads, lots of seedies and Czech pressed beads throughout. And a few splatterings of Turquoise.
Chinese New Year themed beads186 viewsMy assortment of off-mandrel pendants, beads, fish and a couple of hearts. All Moretti glass with Gold Leaf and Iris Gold stringer.
Opal Yellow Rose Lampwork Beads130 viewsVarious mixes of Moretti Opal Yellow for the base beads with the Rose stringer made from Opal Yellow encased with Rubino.
May 2007113 viewsYes, I know I should be putting these in "My Year of Beads", but meh, too lazy to make a new album at the mo...
Anyway, these are Hollow Floral Landscape beads. All Moretti glass.
May 2007 - Made for my Genealogy Necklace128 viewsMore hollows - squished this time. Moretti glass. Opal Yellow base, Dark Iris Gold and Raku Flowers, and some various vine canes that I needed to use up instead of making more...
Tiger Bracelet - May 200785 viewsI made these lampwork Tiger beads for a challenge. ...and then woke up the the fact that there are no tigers in South Africa... Yeah, go on, laugh if you must... :-) So these are for the um, ahhh, the tigers in the zoos over there... Yeah, that's it. ;-)
Made with Moretti glass.
Elemental Bracelet in Blue81 viewsThe completed? bracelet.
I'll take it for a test run today and see if it needs some more teeny dangles on it or not.
Polymer Clay, my own lampwork beads, wire-wrapped fiber and base metal beads. All chain and findings are base metal.
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