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Imgp2413 - Wooden Cabinet for Glass.jpg
Wooden Cabinet for Glass Storage271 viewsThis cabinet has been sitting under Deane's workplace for 5 or 6 years and so we snavled it so I could use it to store my lampwork glass rods. It is 2.3 mt high x 1.08 mt wide x 34 cm deep and only just fits under the ceiling and boy, did the guys have fun getting it in there. ...and then getting it upright. Thankfully they only took a couple of tiny pieces of paint off the house in the process...
Messy Jewellery Table 600x477.jpg
My current messy jewellery making area322 views
Downstairs studio - before.jpg
The rearranging process280 viewsWe spent the 3rd December 05 moving our entire upstairs office down into our entertainment area and the entire lounge arrangement that was previously down here upstairs... This is my jewellery making stuff that still needs to be put away.
And the other side.jpg
...and the other side270 viewsSee my nice clean jewellery making table...
Deb's new (and thus "clean") lampworking area.295 views
My Work Areas250 viewsJewellery design area on right in foreground. Book and magazine shelving is underneath my lampworking area.
My Jewellery Table221 viewsThe table was originally an old radio outside broadcast table which had turntables, a console and cartridge machine in it. Hubby covered the holes left by the equipment with pine and there you have it.
My Hot Head setup222 viewsI attach my torch directly to the bottle via a Primus Adaptor. These adaptors are made especially for these torches so you can get them from anyone who sells lampwork equipment.
Propane bottle164 views
Craftek kiln - floor damage181 views
Craftek kiln - roof cracks153 views
Craftek kiln170 views
Messy Jewellery Table - December 5, 2006158 viewsFor Lou...
My Messy Studio - May 2007142 viewsMy jewellery making area looking towards lampwork studio.
My Messy Studio - May 2007126 viewsMy lampworking area.
My Messy Studio - May 2007125 viewsMy glass storage.
August 2007 - Studio Pic prior to OG15109 viewsThe Disaster Area...
While I was totally looking forward to receiving my Oxygen Generator, I was NOT looking forward to having to clean this mess up...!
This view is from in front of my computer area.
August 2007 - Studio Pic prior to OG15115 viewsThe view of my actual lampworking bench.
...So much mess to clean up... :-(
August 2007 - Studio Pic prior to OG15114 viewsMy glass area.
The bookcase will stand next to this which means I have to swap all my glass around so I don't stab myself on the longer Bullseye rods...
August 2007114 viewsBroken Beads & Shells on my studio windowsill.

These broken beads will be given a new lease of life one day. Fusing, PMC and Polymer Clay will all play a part.
August 2007 - Glass Storage area rearrangement118 viewsMoving the bookcase to here meant all of my glass rods had to be rearranged. The 40cm rods which were overhanging the left side shelves had to be transferred to the right side so as to avoid the possibility of nasty accidents involving cuts and stabbings...
August 2007 - Lampwork Bench120 viewsSee how clean it is!!!
All there is to do here (apart from mess it up with glass rods and tools) is add a hood to the Ventilation. (Not necessary but it will look a bit tidier.)
August 2007 - Studio view from computer area.140 views
August 2007 - Glass Storage area before rearrangement110 viewsYuck! How messy was this!!

I am thankful that I only had this small amount of glass to rearrange...
August 2007 - Lampwork Bench before...134 viewsIsn't it messy!!! lol

Cleaning up such a mess is not my idea of a fun time, but the incentive made it bearable... lol
August 2007 - Studio Pic prior to OGSI 15108 viewsOh my goodness... What a disaster...!

I hope I don't let my studio get this messy again...

Must be good. Must be good... hehe
August 2007 - Lampwork Bench after cleaning.109 views
August 2007 - Studio view from computer area. After cleaning.100 views
August 2007 - Glass Storage area rearrangement101 views
August 2007 - Broken Beads and Shells on windowsill.98 views
August 2007 - Studio view before cleaning.96 views
August 2007 - Lampwork Bench before cleaning.99 views
August 2007 - Glass Storage area before rearrangement111 views
Creation Station154 viewsI am still tossing up whether to keep using my Creation Station or getting rid of it. I am finding it to be a bit intrusive to my work area/tool placement. I am trialling a few different positions for the arm rests and I have found this to be the best so far.
Garage Studio123 viewsWind break set-up.
Garage Studio - April 2005134 viewsVentilation set-up.
The "Barley Box" style ventilation that hubby made for me for Christmas 2007.150 views
My Magazine and Book case109 viewsRunning out of room, running out of room...
Clean this mess up!87 viewsRan out of gas so turned the kiln off and am going to tackle this instead...
Day two of cleaning.78 viewsWell, you wouldn't know it by looking at this pic, but I did actually make a dent in putting some things away yesterday. Only to replace them with the light tent and wire and tools for wiring up one of my vessels.
My Shame File...87 viewsStill a mess... I need a cleaning fairy...
Double Mini85 viewsYay!! These are available in Australia now. You can get them from Arnolds Scrapbooking in Brisbane. (I am not affiliated with them at all, just extremely happy that they are now in Aus...)
Double Mini - Lampwork Section89 views
Double Mini - Sterling Silver and Gold Fill/Vermeil section.93 views
Double Mini - Semi-Precious section.65 views
Double Mini - Wire, Thread, Seedies and everything else section.75 views
My Glass Cutters62 viewsThese are the type of cutters I use to cut my glass rods, dichroic, murrini etc.
Glass Storage March 200977 viewsI intend on rearranging all my glass...
Glass Storage March 200968 views
Stage 2: Get Hubby to assemble Purple Pantry.96 viewsI am stoked that I found this pantry in this colour. On collecting it from the back of the store tho, the guy tells us that it is the store lighting which makes it look purple and that it is actually white. DOH!!
But yay... Under my lights at home it is still purple, so I am happy. :-)
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