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Dsc09186 - Moretti Yellow 418 Floral.jpg
Beading Forum Colours of the Month Beads - June 2006.76 viewsMoretti: Special Yellow 418 Lampwork Floral
Dsc09191 - BE Gold Purple 0334 Florals.jpg
Beading Forum Colours of the Month Beads - June 2006.62 viewsBullseye: Gold Purple 0334 Lampwork Florals.

All the flowers on these beads have Gold Purple in them.
Dsc09220 - Blue Butterflies.jpg
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - May-Jun 2006. "Fabric & Fantasy"59 viewsBlue Butterflies for Fantasy section. Moretti Ink Blue and Goldstone handmade lampwork beads.
Dsc09179 - Pink & White BE Florals.jpg
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - May-Jun 2006. "Fabric & Fantasy"61 viewsPink and White Florals for Fabric section. Handcrafted lampwork beads made with Bullseye glass.
Dsc09331 Green Fish and snails.jpg
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - Jun-Jul 06. "Own Interpretation"61 viewsThis month's challenge is to make a Focal Bead OR 6 Small Beads OR a Focal and 6 Bead Set using a 2 or more colour twistie on the surface plus any other additives we like.
This lampwork fish and snails set was made just for a bit of fun.
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - July-Aug 2006 "Sun, Sea and Surf"62 viewsA couple of lampwork shells, and um, something else...
Glass Bead Makers Challenge Jul - Aug 2006. "Sun, Sand and Surf"68 viewsLampwork Turtle made from Moretti Avocado Green, Silver leaf, Rubino and Emerald Green.
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - Aug-Sept 2006 "4 Elements"61 viewsFIRE - Shooting Stars.
Moretti glass, incorporating my own star murrini.
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - Aug-Sept 2006 "4 Elements"61 viewsWATER - Stream with wildflowers on banks.
Moretti glass with my own flower murrini.
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - Aug-Sept 2006 "4 Elements"58 viewsEARTH - Where the flowers come from...
Moretti glass with squished handmade flower murrini.
Glass Bead Makers Challenge - Aug-Sept 2006 "4 Elements"61 views"Aurora Australias" Moretti glass, silver leaf.
Mirus Christmas Challenge - Oct 27 to Nov 30, 200667 viewsJan's challenge for us this month is to make Christmas beads without using any Red or Green. I used Moretti 052 Light Transparent Blue and Moretti 204 White for this Christmas Star.
Mirus Christmas Challenge - Oct 27 to Nov 30, 200665 viewsJan's challenge for us this month is to make Christmas beads without using any Red or Green.
These Scrollwork lampwork beads are all made with Moretti 204 White and Vetrofond Clear. Clear Dichroic was used in the one on the far right and silver leaf was incorporated in the one at the top left, which turned the bead more golden that silver.
Mirus Christmas Challenge - Oct 27 - Nov 30, 06 - No Red or Green65 viewsChristmas Lights. All Moretti glass.
Mirus Christmas Challenge - Oct 27 - Nov 30, 06 - No Red or Green60 viewsChristms tree with presents. Moretti glass.
My Winnings...65 viewsThis T-Shirt is what I received for winning the Colour Challenge in January 2006.
Thank you Terri.
My Winnings... Pics requested by forum ladies...81 viewsA shot of me wearing the t-shirt I won for the Colour Challenge in Jan 06 with the beads that the design is based on.
It's 7.30am. I am NOT going to put make up on for a five minute photo shoot... LOL
Mirus Challenge - Jan-Feb 07 - MEXICO62 viewsCactus bead made with Effetre glass.
Mirus Challenge - Jan-Feb 07 - MEXICO70 views"Mexican Sun" made from Effetre glass.
Mirus Challenge - Jan-Feb 07 - MEXICO60 views"Cactus under a Mexican Sunset"
All Effetre glass.
Beading Forum Colour Challenge Feb/Mar 07 - Cellini Spiral70 views5 cms of my first ever Cellini Spiral. Not sure whether I want to keep going with this one or start another. This one is made with size 15 and size 11 seed beads and 4.18mm dark brown glass beads. A bit large for a bracelet...
4 Cellini Spirals74 viewsAfter trialling a few different colour schemes, I think I am going to go with the black and silver one on the left.
Beading Forum Cellini Spiral Challenge - March-April 200771 viewsMy not quite yet finished Black and Silver entry. I was thinking of putting some remnants of a much-loved bracelet on this one, but I don't think they are going to work out how I had hoped. Not sure what else I'll do with it now...
Beading and Mirus Forums' TIME Challenge Received Beads60 viewsThemes:
Prehistoric, Roman Times and The Depression.
Midnight, 6pm and 5am.
Starting from 1st column - top to bottom:
"Bubbles of hope make a grey day bright" - Depression Bead by Yvonne.
"Fossils in Amber & Age Old Fossils" - Roman Times by Stacey.
Second Column:
"Roman Urn in modern colours" - Roman Times by Desi.
Third Column:
"Dew on the Grass" - 5am by Kathy
"Time for hubby to come home with flowers..." - 6pm by Yvonne.
Forth column:
"Night Sky" - Midnight by Marianne.
Beading and Mirus Forums' TIME Challenge.60 viewsThese are the beads I entered for this challenge.
"Fire" for Prehistoric.
"Ancient Urn" for Roman Times.
"The Fabric of Life Unravelling" for The Depression.
Mirus Forum TIME Challenge.62 viewsThese are the beads I sent in for this challenge.
"Barn Owl" for Midnight.
"Lisa S" for 6pm.
"Frog on a Leaf" for 5am.
South Africa - Mirus Forum April 200757 viewsA few attempts at making some tiger beads with Spectrum and Gaffer glasses.
Mirus Challenge - May 07 - Japan56 viewsThis lonely little fellow is meant to be a Japanese Koi fish. Seeing his fin stayed on in the vermiculite and not having the time to make a better one before I head out of town, he is my entry into this month's challenge.
Mirus Challenge - May 07 - Japan56 viewsThe real McKoi...

...that previous one was a fake... ;-) hehe
Mirus Challenge - May 07 - Japan57 viewsJapanese Florals - Base of Pale Blue with Opal Yellow, Pink and Rubino flowers. All Moretti glass.
Mirus Challenge - May 07 - Japan57 viewsJapanese Florals: Periwinkle base with Pink and Rubino flowers.
Mirus Challenge - May 07 - Japan60 viewsGrass Green Latticino Floral. Moretti glass.
Mirus Challenge - May 07 - Japan58 viewsPale Pink Latticino Floral. Moretti glass.
Beading Forum Bezel/Bead Embroidery Challenge - May/June 0760 viewsMermaid Dreaming is for my granddaughters. This is the first time I have ever attempted bezeling and bead embroidery and so it has taken me the entire 6 weeks to get it done. It still needs something to hang it from but with the posting closing tomorrow morning, I'm just entering it as it is. I'll certainly be doing some more of this sort of thing.
Mirus Challenge - June 2007 - Venice58 viewsCarnivale beads. Lots of bright colours to celebrate this festive time.
Mirus Challenge - June 2007 - Decorate the Quangle Wangles Hat72 viewsFluttering amongst the multitude of various critters that adorn the Quangle Wangle's hat are these cute little butterflies.

Made from Effetre black, Orange and Striking Orange.
Mirus challenge - July 2007 - "Australia"58 viewsWhat is Australia to me? It's all about the ocean. The sounds, the motion, the Barrier Reef and all the creatures that live amongst it, shells, beaches, the colour of the water, etc, etc, etc. It is just an an amazing world all of it's own.
Lampwork shells made by me from Moretti Ivory and Opal Yellow. Twisties hand made by be from various Moretti colours.
Beading Forum July 2007 Challenge - Moretti 256 Ivory55 viewsSame shells - different challenge. :-)
Lampwork shells and twisties all made by me.
Beading Forum July 2007 Challenge - Moretti 256 Ivory53 viewsSome Ivory and Raku beads. Got a few nice colours by chilling the Raku on one of my brass presses before putting a dot of clear over them.
Beading Forum July 2007 Challenge - Moretti 256 Ivory52 viewsIvory and Black.
Mirus Challenge - August 2007 - Jewels for Janis & Gems for Jimi51 viewsThis months challenge is WOODSTOCK.

This is my "Flower Child / Hippie Chick" made from Lauscha Colour of the Month colour, SuperNova.
Mirus Challenge - August 2007 - Jewels for Janis & Gems for Jimi58 viewsTie Dye was everywhere back in the day. These Tie Dye beads are made from Moretti glass. White base with a twistie of blue and yellow.
Beading Forum Lampwork Challenge - August 2007 - "Round & Watercolour"62 viewsMaking ROUND beads certainly was a challenge, especially having to relearn everything now that I am using my Minor Burner, but perseverance paid off and I love how these beads turned out.

Made from Effetre Opal Yellow, (the old batch with the pink rings), plus Opal Yellow/Coral/Rubino twistie.
Beading Forum Lampwork Challenge - August 2007 - "Round & Watercolour"68 viewsOpal Yellow round beads with Opal Yellow/Coral/Rubino twistie.

Love the effects these colours give.
Beading Forum Lampwork Challenge - August 2007 - "Round & Watercolour"72 viewsGrass Green with Reichenbach Heliotrope Frit.
gbm challenge August 07 - 1969 - Woodstock70 viewsSome more tie dye beads. Representative of the muddy conditions I guess...
gbm 1st Charm Exchange: Aug-Oct 200773 viewsI made this test bracelet to check the strength of my polymer clay charms. They all failed... Back to the drawing board...

All lampwork beads are my own made from Moretti (Effetre) glass.
Beading Forum January 2008: "Scrolls, Spirals or Swirls in Stringer"60 views
Beading Forum January 2008: "Scrolls, Spirals or Swirls in Stringer"59 views
Beading Forum January 2008: "Scrolls, Spirals or Swirls in Stringer"58 views
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