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Wendy & Barbara at Ozziebuddy stand during Thursdays setup.672 views
Dsc03978 - AGBG Group.jpg
Australian Glass Beadmakers Guild Stands.429 views
Dsc03986 - Gary & Kimmy G.jpg
Gary & Kimmy G.403 views
Dsc03991 - Bev.jpg
Bev Butler.423 views
Dsc03996 - Glass Manifesto.jpg
Anne's Stand414 views
Dsc03999 - Anne & sister.jpg
Anne and her daughter. Um, I mean sister...521 views
Dsc04003 - Germaine 3.jpg
Germaine from Beads etc...471 views
Dsc04005 - Australian Beader Stand.jpg
Tracy chatting with Sherry & Ordette from Australian Beader Magazine.462 views
Dsc04014 - Southern Cross Glass Stand.jpg
Southern Cross Glass stand434 views
Dsc04017 - General View.jpg
General milling pic. Looking towards workshop rooms from Southern Cross Glass.402 views
Dsc04018 - Wendy & Bev.jpg
Wendy Hatton and Bev Butler.445 views
Dsc04020 - Bev 2.jpg
Bev.403 views
Dsc04100 - Sherry & Ordette.jpg
Sherry & Ordette from Australian Beader magazine.367 views
Dsc04117 - Rajana.jpg
Ronjana from Beads etc...325 views
Dsc04118 - Robyn_s stand.jpg
Robyn Pell's stand.330 views
Dsc04119 - Robyn & Lisa from Bead With Me.jpg
Robyn & Lisa from Bead With Me.331 views
Dsc04125 AGBG stands.jpg
Australian Glass Beadmakers Guild section.346 views
Dsc04126 - AGBG stands.jpg
Australian Glass Beadmakers Guild section...322 views
Dsc04128 - Tracy & Laurelle_s stand.jpg
Tracy & Laurelles' stand. Glynis assisted Tracy & Laurelle and also had some of her gorgeous pieces for sale.309 views
Dsc04130 - Wendy_s stand.jpg
Wendys' stand.348 views
Dsc04131 - Northcoast Beadmakers Stand.jpg
Northcoast Beadmakers.312 views
Dsc04107 - Rajana in red on left.jpg
General milling people shot. Ronjana from Beads etc... in red on left.296 views
Dsc04135 - Nice quail Tracy.jpg
And the start of our Saturday night dinner pics begins with Tracy attacking a dead quail...315 views
Dsc04134 - Our table2.jpg
Saturday night dinner at Ahmet's Turkish Restaurant.326 views
Dsc04140 - Sally.N, Sandee, G, Tracy (obscured), Laurelle, Owen, Bev, Don (partly obscured), Janette, Lavinia, Wendy.jpg
Dsc04136 - Owen, Bev, Janette, Don, Lavinia, Wendy.jpg
L to R: Owen, Bev, Janette, Don, Lavinia & Wendy.296 views
Dsc04138 - Sally.N, Sandee, Glynis, Tracy, Laurelle.jpg
Sally N, Sandee, Glynis, Tracy, Laurelle.291 views
Dsc04142 - Jenna, Rajana, Courtney, Germaine, Michelle, Anita, Bek, Anne.jpg
L to R: Jenna, Ronjana, Courtney, Germaine, Michelle, Anita, Bek, Anne343 views
Dsc04144 - Janette.jpg
when you eat something hot...301 views
Dsc04143 - Janette 2.jpg
Rice doesn't help...300 views
Dsc04147 - Janette - Water doesn_t help much either.jpg
but water might...274 views
Dsc04148 - two tables.jpg
Watching the entertainment. We thought that WE would be the ones to make the most noise at dinner, but there was a 50th birthday party next to us, and boy, were THEY the rowdy ones!!!277 views
Dsc04149 - Who_s on the end of the shawl.jpg
Who's on the end of the shawl??288 views
Dsc04151 - Dancing Wendy.jpg
It's Wendy...390 views
Dsc04152 - Dancing Wendy 2.jpg
Dsc04153 Dancing Wendy 3.jpg
Dsc04156 - Sandee.jpg
Sandee likes things hot as well...342 views
Dsc04157 - Dancing Bev.jpg
And we had another taker for our dancing entertainment...339 views
Dsc04158 - Dancing Bev 2.jpg
Bev assured us that it is good exercise for anyone who has a bad back...325 views
Dsc04160 - Anne drinks her tea 1.jpg
Anne takes her tea ...differently.330 views
Dsc04161 - Anne drinks her tea 2.jpg
Dsc04162 - Anne drinks her tea 3.jpg
Dsc04167 - Wendy Hatton.jpg
Wendy Hatton.2012 views
Dsc04169 - Gary, Tracy, Wendy B & Kimmy.jpg
Gary, Tracy, Wendy Bergamin & Kimmy G474 views
Dsc04170 - Sunday night dinner.jpg
Sunday night dinner at Pier Nine Oyster Bar... Yum...2207 viewsValma, Anita, Wendy, Val - who was on holidays from England - and Deb got together for a final feast after the show.3 comments
Dsc04022 - chair.jpg
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